Games by siftheads

Sift Heads - Cartels Act 2

Vinnie and the team will get a surprise visit from a…View GameDownload
Mass Mayhem - 2099 A.D.

Set in the future 2099 A.D. there is even more Gover…View GameDownload
Feed Us 5

Our deadly Piranha is terrorizing new surroundings w…View GameDownload
Douchebag Workout 2

Subscribe to the program, get muscles, get swag, get…View GameDownload
Cubikill 6

Take revenge on your co-worker Dave and go on a kill…View GameDownload
Crazy Hangover 3

A ridiculous adventure of excessive proportions.View GameDownload
Deadly Venom SA

Seductive yet deadly. Our silent assassin is backView GameDownload
Sift Renegade 3 Defiance

The expansion to Sift Renegade 3View GameDownload
Feed Us 4 Xmas Xpension

The Christmas Expension to our deadly Piranha.View GameDownload
Sift Renegade 3

A bloody platform game where we revisit Kiro's pastView GameDownload
Feed us 4

A deadly new species of PiranhaView GameDownload
Crazy Valet

Drive fast cars and driftView GameDownload
Mass Mayhem Zombie Apocalypse

Protect your bunkerView GameDownload
Pyro Guy

Infiltrate a social network giantView GameDownload
Cubikill 5

No vacation for you! View GameDownload
Sift Heads Assault 2

The sequel to the action shooter side game Sift Head…View GameDownload
Sift Heads Assault

A brand new Sift Heads side gameView GameDownload
Run Ninja Run 2

Action packed game of reflexesView GameDownload
Feed Us 3

The big bad piranha is backView GameDownload
Brainless Monkey Rampage

Unleash your carnage on everyone aroundView GameDownload
Sift Heads Street Wars - Prologue

Vinnie is back and sifting some more headsView GameDownload
Deadly Venom 3

The dealy assassin is back to end the chaosView GameDownload
Mass Mayhem 4

Go on crazy killing spreesView GameDownload
Feed Us 2

Get to the top of the food chainView GameDownload
Run Ninja Run

You are trying to escape your assailants. View GameDownload
Feed Us

Try to eat as much fleshView GameDownload
The Bullet 2

A shooting range where you shoot other snipersView GameDownload
The Douchebag Life

Don't just aspire to be a douchebag, live The Douche…View GameDownload
Sharp Trigger 2

The sequel to our hit shooter gameView GameDownload
The Bullet

A shooting range where you shootView GameDownload

Help the doc View GameDownload
Massive Mayhem 3

Create combo killingsView GameDownload
Hitstick 6

Be the assassin in Hitstick 6. View GameDownload
Call of Bieber

Call of Bieber is a funny shooter gameView GameDownload
Sift Heads World - Ultimatum

The team is back with an unstoppable View GameDownload
Latin Heat

Create drinks View GameDownload
Deadly Venom 2 - Origins

Action prequel to the original stealth assassin game. View GameDownload
Mass Mayhem 2

Kill evil clans with your weapons arsenalView GameDownload
Montrealmobility Gamesfree

Try to find the electrical source to recharge your m…View GameDownload
Deadlyvenom Gamesfree

A cool stealth game where you can take down your ene…View GameDownload
Sharp Trigger

Inspired by the Call of Duty franchise, Sharp Trigge…View GameDownload
Mass Mayhem

your missile into as many objects and people as you …View GameDownload
Sift Heads World - Act 6

We are proud to bring you the 6th episode in our on-…View GameDownload
Douchebag Workout

Tired of being laughed at? Tired of being rejected b…View GameDownload
Sift Heads World Act 5 – An Exotic Job

Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro go deep in the depths of the…View GameDownload
Sift Heads World Act 4 – Cold Memories

Shorty goes all the way to Russia where her past wil…View GameDownload
Dawn Of The Celebs 2

Try to fight off more Hollywood zombies with your po…View GameDownload
Sift Heads World - Act 3

After a hard-hitting blow from Alonzo our team is ba…View GameDownload

Fight Artificial Intelligence View GameDownload
Sift Heads World Act 2

With the Yakuza on their tail, Kiro, Vinnie and Shor…View GameDownload
Fortress Guardian 2

A new evil force is menacing your village.View GameDownload
Sift Heads World Act 1

The new Sift Heads game lets you play as Vinnie, Kir…View GameDownload
Hitstick 5

The excellent shooter game is back! View GameDownload
Fortress Guardian

Protect your people and your city walls from the evi…View GameDownload
The Strangers 4

The Strangers 4 is a game of skill and strategy. View GameDownload
Tiger Burger

Tiger is now flipping burgers! Try to satisfy as man…View GameDownload

Warface is a kick-ass shooter game with awesome grap…View GameDownload
Turkey Got Guts

Turkey Got Guts is a funny action gameView GameDownload
Cubikill 2

Cubikill 2 is back for more killing at work!View GameDownload

BloodShade must protect the gold of the local templeView GameDownload
Crow in Hell 3

The crow is back in hell! This time he has more enem…View GameDownload
Sift Renegade 2

Sift Renegade 2 features some new actionView GameDownload